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Heidi Gagliardi is a woman who has fire in her soul and grace in her heart. She has the natural ability to authentically connect with others. And hoping you get what you need to GO AFTER what makes you happy.

Hi, I'm heidi

Well Hello there! This is officially my second blog post on this site. I am happy, nervous, scared, excited… pretty much all the things. Wanna know why I have waited so long to post? Because I have allowed myself to think that just because I have not decided on a specific niche, that I cannot/should not write and share.

Then a light bulb went off, I can write about not having a niche yet! Ha! I have had so many thoughts about what to specialize in. I just have not been able to pick one, which is ok!

Ugly Truth

Let me share the ugly truth about how long this has taken me. I had this idea of starting a blog when I was 32. I am now 38, ouch that hurts to do that math and see it in writing. I slowly purchased the domain name, sought out a person to help me build out the site. It was not a fun process for me, I am dramatic in a lot of ways so I’ll say it was excruciatingly painful for me BECAUSE I did not have a niche! This was the time when the pandemic occurred, I have two children and husband and the normal life stuff, so we all can give grace for that strange new time we ALL went through.

Hindsight is twenty/twenty and I am just now realizing all of this. Not having a niche made me feel horrible. This is no one’s fault, not even my own, it is just the process of my blog path. When I started, I chose a path and person to build a website that was not aligned at the stage of the process I was in. I invested a lot of money too for a pretty website and the pressure I was putting on myself to write and eventually make it profitable was intense.

My Advice

If I did it all over again, I would just pick a free, not as pretty website and just start blogging. That is my advice. I was looking for the best from the beginning and not thinking of just hustling to write when I could and get it done. You can always change the looks of stuff later. WordPress is still FREE and a great resource I recommend for anyone considering starting a blog. From the link provided click Get Started and you can start one today!

New Mindset

I am excited to have you read this in hopes of inspiring you to do something cool and scary that maybe you have been putting on the sidelines. When it’s time, it’s time and you just know. And my friend who helped me with a healthier lifestyle about two months ago warned me, “Watch, when you start doing things to take better care of yourself and put yourself first, it will catapult and start a positive domino affect on other areas in your life.”

I know what I love in life so after spending time here writing I’m sure a niche will just be apparent. Some things you will see me write about will be ‘Momming’, traveling, Disney, the arts and definitely food!

I will also write about things that are helpful to others. For example, I have experience with small dogs and the ins and outs of what is needed and what to expect from puppy phase to after one year of age. I do not yet have affiliates or know how that works yet with linking products and what not, but I want to learn.

I love a good helpful article with products others have chosen and used and can give reliable/quality feedback. I definitely do not mind using their link and them earning a bit of income because they are saving me time and money! “Time is NOT a commodity that comes and goes, it just goes.” – Sadhguru (got this from a quick google search).

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