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Heidi’s work ethic and philosophy for life is simple: "treat others as you would like to be treated."

She is married to Mike Gagliardi and together they are blessed with two daughters; Giana and Sofia.

Heidi is a people person who has spent her entire working career in sales and customer relations. She has gained valuable knowledge and life experience from all her different forms of work.

Heidi started out serving tables in diners, then went on to selling magazine advertisements, worked in a hospital as a physician liaison and patient experience coordinator, and also sold real estate with her husband.

wHo is heidi?

“She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart.”

From a young age, Heidi’s mother and father divorced one another. Her mother was wise and put her, along with her siblings in counseling. Through life, Heidi has not hesitated to ask a life coach/counselor for advice during tough times. It has been a Godsend and through that experience, it has helped her in her own mind/soul and in her marriage tremendously.

Heidi left the 8-5 world when she had her first daughter. It was much more challenging than she ever could have imagined. She fought through the crazy new world of being with your child all day, the good, bad and ugly.

Heidi learned and grew right along with her daughter and is so grateful for the gift of motherhood. After having daughter number two, Heidi was itching to go back to work. She tried a few things here and there that did not pan out for one reason or another.

During her time as a stay at home parent, she has found her passion! It is connecting with others, specifically women! She loves sharing real stories of real life struggles in hopes to encourage and help others through tough times . Her joy is meeting women and encouraging them where they are. She also loves to invent things!

One day her dream is to have a product on the shelves that brings joy to others or helps solve a problem!

Heidi is a University of Central Florida graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, specializing in Professional Sales.

Heidi is excited to share amazing content that’s real and raw and encouraging! Heidi is also passionate about living your best life NOW!

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